Well, Schnucks. I made a boo boo.

I read a rather painful 1 star review today of Stronger Than This. It hurt, but it also helped.

With-in days of my release of Stronger Than This, I’d read quite a bit of criticism about how my Irish dialogue at the end of the book became overwhelming. This was a concern for me, and in the foreword of the book, I explained my dialect reasoning.

Because I am an INDY and I publish on Kindle Direct Publishing, I made changes to my doc and then resubmitted it.

This is one of the best things about self-publishing. You can correct anything/change anything whenever you’d like.

When I did this, I apparently made a mistake correcting some of my yers that were you’re’s to yours.

After reading this brutal review, I have corrected and resubmitted. If you have the auto-update feature turned on on your kindle then it should update shortly. My editor Nicole, probably has no idea I made these changes since I know she’d never let those slip by.

So, I wanted to explain if you read Stronger Than This and saw those errors, how and why they are there, and know that they have been corrected.

Edited books can have errors and it’s simple, because authors and editors are human and we make mistakes. **Owning mine**

Other NEWS

School is in session which means I am writing again. I spent the morning writing and then the afternoon, correcting my STT files on both createspace and Kindle.

My goal is to finish and publish Explosive this year! We will see if that can happen. Just so ya’ll know though, I’m hard at work.

Hope you have a fabulous day!

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