Just some updated news…

Hello beautiful readers! Welcome! It’s been a bit since I’ve shared what I am working on. I’m writing a brand new series! The first book is already finished being written and is already edited! That’s right! I have a completed novel… But you can’t have it yet. My goal is to finish the second book before I release this one out into the wild. I’m probably somewhere around the 35% mark into the second. I would love to have both out to you this year!

Guess what?? It’s PNR. I’m so excited about jumping into the world of werewolves, vampires, and even angels! I know… I know… PNR is not my typical jam, however what I think you will still completely fall in love with is the fast pace love and all the feels that you typically get from a book of mine. It’s steamy and funny.

When I read PNR I love a heroine with sass. Meet Ariel (Elle) Katz! She’s 5 foot 10! She is a little quirky. She has wild hair and an even more wild sense of don’t mess with my loved ones.

This series is a journey, one that I am hoping you will stay tuned for because it’s epic, surprising, steamy, and filled with heartache, regret, and ever-lasting love.

Guess what… They’re on goodreads! Add them to your TBR!!!




Hang Le is doing the covers for these beauties! She has done all of my covers and I just adore her work!