Intended by the Rose

Intended by the Rose will be coming to you January 10th 2023! I know! Finally!!

Crapity-crap on a candlestick! I messed up and BIG. I trusted a longtime family friend to help me get the answers to questions and to make sure what happened to Ryker’s sister never happened to another member of his pack again.

I quickly realized that I’d bitten off more than any wolf, or even any vamp, could chew. 

First, being without my mate physically cost me, not to mention the whirlwind I felt in my heart. 

Secondly, I found myself in an unknown land, trapped with no way of getting back to my mate.

Third, a total-pompous douche canoe named Cain believes that I’m prophesied to be his wife, which is impossible because, news flash—I’m already fated. 

Cain will do anything in his power to use my mate against me. Now that I know what I am and what I can do, I’ll do anything in my power to make sure that Ryker’s safe.

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