Intended by the Rose is LIVE!!

Intended by the Rose book two in the Destined by the Fates series is now live! But it on Amazon US here

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Crapity-crap on a candlestick! I messed up and BIG. I trusted a longtime family friend to help me get the answers to questions and to make sure what happened to Ryker’s sister never happened to another member of his pack again.

I quickly realized that I’d bitten off more than any wolf, or even any vamp, could chew. 

First, being without my mate physically cost me, not to mention the whirlwind I felt in my heart. 

Secondly, I found myself in an unknown land, trapped with no way of getting back to my mate.

Third, a total-pompous douche canoe named Cain believes that I’m prophesied to be his wife, which is impossible because, news flash—I’m already fated. 

Cain will do anything in his power to use my mate against me. Now that I know what I am and what I can do, I’ll do anything in my power to make sure that Ryker’s safe.



After I lost my dad, my roommate, with his tighty-whitey, pizza eating, gaming habits, wasn’t worth staying in Seattle for. So when I’m offered a job at an upscale mansion in the middle of Bum-Fuck-Ohio, I take it. I mean, what do I have to lose?

The answer?


Not only do I discover that my exceptionally good-looking, albeit moody, landlord is a werewolf, (A-Freaking-Werewolf!) but get this… and it’s the real kicker, we are fated mates! The lust I feel for him is off the charts, which is odd since I’m human and humans being fated to werewolves is basically unheard of. There’s also the fact that I keep passing out and having these crazy dreams that scare Ryker half to death.

Then, I find out it’s no coincidence that my boss hired me. It seems everyone knows more about me and the fact that I might not actually be human after all, than I do.

As I learn more about what I am, I’m left with more questions than answers. I do know that if left untrained, I’m dangerous for both Ryker and his pack. I have to fix that and fast!


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