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Blurb: Marie:
I married a monster — a member of a motorcycle club. I was okay with him blurring the lines until the lines he crossed turned against me. He wasn’t always a monster, or he hid it well. I wouldn’t have married him if I’d known. By the time his true colors showed, I was pregnant with no way out. Until one day, years of planning paid off, and I was able to run away with my daughter.
I found my footing in the foothills of Pennsylvania, thinking I would be far from any MC. I was wrong.

As a member of The Devil’s Crusaders, not much escapes me in Wakeman. Especially not the tiny, fiery redhead who strolled into town, so obviously hiding from something. She made my blood boil in the best way possible. I’d avoided taking an old lady, instead, choosing to spend my years raising my daughter. Not anymore. Not since Marie. I was ready, and she was it for me. I just had to find out what she was hiding from before it finally catches up to her.Our reviews

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Hey, there, readers! Want to read something? Check this out!!

Hey there readers. I wanted to touch base with you. I know I haven’t posted a ton of book stuff. I know I haven’t been as vocal about where writing is taking me. I know I haven’t released in over a year. But, I’m not sorry.

Next week my youngest is going to kindergarten. That will mean all four kids are finally in school. This Summer has been filled with so many amazing memories with my babies. Just this week we went to a local amusement park, of which my biological daughter number one won tickets doing the limbo after we spent a week-long trip camping- in a camper, so not camping for a week in a tent. Even tonight I think I’m taking the kids to see a Prince tribute band. So while I’m counting down the days, I’m still trying to make the most of the few days we have left. So, I can’t apologize. Living my best life means spending time with my babies, before my last starts school.

So where the heck am I with books and my writing career?

I have slowly been working on two stories. I am currently about 25000 words into Explosive, the second book in The Bleeding Scars MC. This book is all about Alejandra, (Gunner’s sister) and Ace. It’s a super high paced story so far filled with suspense intrigue and so far an intense attraction with Alejandra and Ace.

I am also working on another book, I haven’t settled on a name yet, right now I’m calling it Leaving Lola. It’s more contemporary and what the heck, maybe I’ll leave my prologue in this post for you. I’m at about 20,000 words into this story and heads up, I balled more than once writing this.

So what’s next? What’s the deal?

My plan is once my babies are at school, that I will go full speed ahead and actually get more books out! I’m also planning a sale or two for the near future.

Anywho, without further ado, here is the prologue.

Prologue Lincoln

“There’s still a chance. My lawyer says it’s slim, but he thinks we have a shot.” Even as I said the words, I didn’t fully believe them. It was a fucking hail mary and we both knew it. 

“I warned you Linc. I told you nothing good would come from you going with Alex.” 

“Lols he’s my brother. I couldn’t let him go in there alone.” 

“Yes! Yes, you could have. Or you could’ve talked him out of it. You could’ve walked away. Told him it was stupid and you couldn’t risk it. You could’ve done a lot of things. But you didn’t. You put him in front of our life together. Always. Everyone seems like they come first.”

“Lols. Love…”

“Don’t.” She put her hand up to the glass and I could see this look in her eyes. Something was dimming. I was losing her. I could feel it. I felt desperate. If I could hold her in my arms then I could make this right. But the glass that separated us was a barrier I couldn’t break. I desperately wished I could reach her. 

I watched as she clutched the phone to her chest. She was struggling. I could see that she wanted to break down. For the first time, I was questioning if I had any other options when Alex called. Could I have done something differently? I kept thinking that he would’ve gone anyways and he’d be six feet deep right now if I hadn’t taken his back. 

Lola took deep breaths in and out. There was a slight flare to her nostrils and her chin quivered. I’d fix this. We had our whole lives together. I could make it right. I had too. There was no other option. She was my air. We’ve gotten through so much. We’d get through this. I knew we would.

I placed my hand to the glass willing her to put the phone back to her ear. She took a couple of deep breaths and I watched as a mask slipped over her features. Her chin no longer quivered. Her eyes suddenly looked reserved. She held the phone to her ear.


She cut me off, “Lincoln, I’m done. I can’t. No – I won’t do this anymore.” She hung the phone up. The silence was deafening.  

“Lola, no. Don’t do this,” I yelled. She couldn’t hear me through the thick plated glass. She didn’t turn to see the look on my face. She didn’t want to see how my heart was breaking. I had to get back to her. I had to make this right.

Later that night, I laid in my cell. The slate gray cement walls couldn’t keep my treacherous thoughts from getting to me. I was losing the love of my life and it was all my fucking fault.