2020 The year of me

Hi, my beautiful readers. I’m still here. Still alive and still writing. I know I haven’t published in almost two years. Last year sucked. That’s my reason. It just blew big donkey balls.

But this year, 2020, it’s going to rock!

I’d been on a nerve pain medication (non-narcotic) and I missed two doses in a row. I sat down at my computer and I wrote. I wrote like I hadn’t in a long time. It felt good, no more than good, it felt amazing.

That night I took my medicine and the next day I sat down to write and I yawned and just couldn’t. So I didn’t take my medicine again. So, drats I’m in some pain, but I’ll deal because, after that day, I have been working my toosh off!! I finished writing Explosive and it’s currently with Beta readers. I have the Lay All Your Books on Me signing in March and my goal is to have Explosive published and out by then!

The signing is in Cleveland. Cleveland is where I’m from. (I feel like I hear a Bone Thugs in Harmony song in my head when I say that. It’s okay if you have no idea what I’m talking about.)

Explosive is the second book in The Bleeding Scars MC. It is Ace and Alejandra’s story. Add it to your Goodreads! Hang Le is working on the cover. She’s done all of mine and she is amazing.

Since I’m on a writing roll, I’m also working on The Last Goodbye. It is sitting at 20k, but not for long. I’m about to slay this book! I added that to Goodreads too so you know I’m seriously going to publish this year!! Add this to your TBR as well! Goodreads Link.

Also, I’m on an awesome weight loss journey. I know maybe you don’t care, but this, like my title, says is my year! I’m currently down 24lbs since October! That’s a huge number! I’m doing keto and if you have any questions please join me in my reader group. I talk about that sometimes. My group is called Abby’s Awesome Allies.

So, there you have it! I’m going to put out books! I’m going to get to a place where hopefully pain doesn’t bug me as much! I’m going to rock 2020. Join me in the journey!

With Love, Abby McCarthy