Explosive Chapter One

I know many of you are anxiously awaiting the release of Explosive. So I thought I’d share the first chapter with you. **unedited **copywrite2018

Chapter One Alejandra
“What are you doing here?” I tried to keep my voice from shaking, but there was a slight lilt to it. Every single time I had been in the same room as Hades, I did my best to show him I was strong and worthy. Why I even cared what he thought, I wasn’t quite sure. It’s not like he ever showed me any decency. He surely didn’t use familiarities with me as one would expect.
“Alejandra, is that any way to greet your dear old dad?” Hades mocked as he moved around the villa, inspecting it. He lifted up the book I was reading and flipped through the pages holding on to it like it amused him. Like it was a joke. Like I was a joke.
The heavy stomping of his motorcycle boots on the pristine tile echoed around the open room. I slipped a robe on top of my nightgown and moved to the kitchen. His eyes were trained on me, and I did my best to show indifference to him as I poured a cup of coffee that automatically brewed at seven am every morning.
I had only seen Hades a handful of times, and that wasn’t saying much considering I was nearing thirty, well twenty-nine to be exact. To say my twenty-nine years had been a life well lived would be, well, it would be a lie. The truth was, I might as well have been Rapunzel. I’d been locked away, no, love, no family. At least I had been educated. I could read. And it was in books that I found the smallest glimmer of hope.  I lived vicariously through the pages of my favorite bad boy romances. If not for the stories I probably would have ended it long ago. I’m not saying that in some morbidly depressed way either. It was fact. My life, besides my books, was no life at all.
I grew up with my Uncle Enrico who believed sex was money and money was power. At a young age, I bore witness to a variety of sexual acts. When I was old enough, my uncle sold my virginity. I wasn’t allowed to be abused – so there was that. At least no visible marks anyways. I was the precious, coveted pussy. I was used to solidify business deals, and the only sense of happiness I have ever found was within the pages of my books, my book that was currently in Hades’s hand.
I studied my sperm donor. He looked to be in his sixties, although, I knew he was fifty-two. His beard was mostly white, and his slicked-back black hair was speckled with gray. His expression was emotionless. What kind of man would allow his half-brother to use me the way he had? Why not let me live a life? I suppose the worst part about the life I lead was that perhaps my face resembled my father’s. I masked my emotion and became numb to sex.
“Enrico’s dead,” Hades finally spoke. I stilled, and the only indication I gave that I was shocked was my white knuckles gripping my coffee mug. Hades’s watched me intently.
What would that mean for me?
Before I could contemplate it, his next words made me gasp. “I shot him after he killed your mother.”
I quickly snapped my mouth closed. I didn’t mean to show Hades emotion, an emotion as simple as surprise was still not worthy of him.
“Ah, I see you aren’t as rigid as you’d have me believe.” I straightened my back and squared my shoulders.
“I am merely the product of the life you have given me. After all, you have always been the one who was really in charge. I am not so naive to think that the person I am, was made this way by Enrico. I know who the real boss has always been.”
His eyes squinted at me, and I couldn’t tell if I’d overstepped or if I had garnered some respect by speaking up for myself.
He tossed my book down on the counter and approached me.
Do not flinch. Do not show him fear.
“Not only beautiful but smart too.” It was a compliment. I don’t know if I’d ever received one from Hades before, and as much as I loathed the man, a compliment from him was still something I’d always yearned for.
“This hasn’t always been an easy life for you has it?” He was talking to me like I mattered. It was both unnerving and endearing. I’d somehow longed for this, so the smallest amount of kindness from him felt mesmerizing, but I’d learned to maintain my cool.
I was shaken from finding out both my uncle and mother, whom I’d never met, were dead and now the mysterious Hades was paying me a compliment. I sipped my coffee and watched him. He obviously had a motive right?
“How would you like to be done with it all? To start over? I’ll give you money and set you up, and you will be free to do what you want.”
“I would say, nothing is free. What is the cost?”
“It’s simple really. I have a job for you. Your freedom for your brother.”

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