Look at what arrived today!!! More BOOKS! Want to buy a signed paperback??

Tainted by Crazy 12 plus 3 for shipping
Current 13 plus 3 for shipping
Hurt You 10 plus 3 for shipping
Fight You 10 plus 3 for shipping
Wreck You 9 plus 3 for shipping
Wrecked Series (all three books) 25 plus 6 for shipping
Wrecked Series and Current 35 plus 8 for shipping

Wrecked Series, Current, and Tainted by Crazy 47 plus 8 for shipping
I will ship international, however, international shipping rates vary and I will quote you.
If interested please email me abbymccarthyauthor@gmail.com12779259_1702108043403227_3164088288896333365_o

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