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Hey All!!
I hope that you have picked up Current and have enjoyed it!! Thank you, to every reader, blogger or friend who has posted about it! Your support means the world. If you haven’t gotten  get your copy here!!

Here’s a beautiful teaser from a blogger


So what’s next?? Before I started Current I was working on another story. I have FINALLY named it! It’s called Coming Home!
It’s a tad different from my other stories, but still very much me. There is a slower build between Maple and Keenan Rhys, but for very good reasons. I am about fifty percent into writing it so it shouldn’t be a huge long wait in between books.

I thought I would share with you  a quick excerpt. This story is so personal to me in so many ways. I’m writing it because I need to. It’s my therapy, and you should know, that the majority of it is inspired by true events.

This story is for me, but it’s for anyone who can relate to loving someone whose mental illness or drug addiction has spread over to your life. Writing is vulnerable, as an author we open ourselves to be judged, but we sometimes hope that our words may help others. For me, writing Coming Home is as much about healing as it is about exposing my innermost feelings.

I, in general, come off as one of the most bubbly energetic women you may ever meet, but I’ve had my fair share of it all, so this story that is so close to me is at times raw and emotion filled.

So without further ado…

Coming Home excerpt

“I mean exactly what I said. No. It’s time you stop running. It’s time for you to be home.  I know it’s hard for you to be here. I know it hurts, baby. But I can’t give you money to take off again. Your problems won’t go away with a change in location. I know everything with your Momma damaged you. I know it wasn’t fair to you, but sweetie life ain’t always fair. You’re thirty-one. It’s time to let go of the past.”

“You think you know how it felt and that I can just get over it? You don’t know a thing about what it was like to be me, growing up the way I did. You don’t know what it was like to hope above all hope that each time I saw her it would be different. That, this time, she’d get better. All I wanted was some type of normalcy, but even on good days, it wasn’t quite right. And I get it, as an adult, boy do I get it. I know that there is no such thing as normal, but maybe once I would’ve loved to have a mom who cared if I came home late, or a mom who cared if I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. It’s shaped my entire life. I’m just not sure if you could ever understand the amount of lasting damage it does when your mom is a druggie and a mental patient.”

“You honestly think that I don’t understand? I understand Maple how it is because my daughter who I raised was a drug addict and sick. You don’t have to tell me. Imagine wondering if it was something you did or didn’t do and you love that person beyond all explainable measures yet, they’re still sick. No matter how many times I had her hospitalized it was always the same. But besides having the guilt that my daughter was sick, I also had the burden of knowing what she put her daughter through. You don’t think at some point I had to learn that I couldn’t take on that guilt anymore? Because you’re right, it shapes your life. It is a dark tar that coats every part of it. It hangs out in the back recesses of your mind, that I loved someone, raised someone, taught them everything they knew and yet they couldn’t stop getting high.”

Hope you guys enjoyed, and I can’t wait to share it with you.


Abby McCarthy


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