The Last Goodbye is now live

This second chance romance will tug at all of your heart-strings. Early readers are loving this and I hope you pick it up. It’s available in Kindle Unlimited and it’s sure to give you all the feels.





Lincoln was my addiction. He was the only man I’d ever been with. Loving him had been like a drug, complete with all the nasty side effects. When I had him, it felt like the greatest high. When I didn’t, it was like my world fell apart. Over the years, I’d realized so much of my time had been a craving-praying for the next hit. Was there a support group for this—In Love Anonymous? If so, I suppose I was working through my steps. I admitted I had a problem, and I wasn’t using anymore. Maybe I was delusional that there was a cure for this kind of sickness?

I met the love of my life at fifteen. He left for the Army when I was sixteen. We dated long distance. Made love for the first time on leave. We married on leave too. So much of our life had been spent apart, so when Linc made a decision that took him away from me for years, sending him to prison, I was done. How many times could our life be put on hold? I knew I deserved to live my life with a partner; not love one who couldn’t stick around.

Now, Lincoln is out and I have to finally put an end to this… to us. A family tragedy forces us together again and we confront what tore us apart. I’m faced with the hardest decision of my life. Should I forgive or should I finally let go and let him have this last goodbye?


Lincoln opened the driver’s side door, letting my hand go as he did. “You’ll have to climb across. Sorry.”

I moved to get into the SUV, but Lincoln turned me towards him at the last second. My body stiffened in reaction to it.

“I just need to hug you. It’s been too long, Lols. I need to hug you,” He repeated. There was so much pain behind his words that I couldn’t prevent myself from moving into him, allowing his arms to wrap around me. I held him to me, and he squeezed me so hard it was nearly painful. I didn’t even try to stop it as a tear broke free. After a few moments, I attempted to loosen the hold to ease the pain, but Linc said, “Not yet, Lols. I need a little longer.”

“It hurts,” I told him, not talking about how hard he was holding me.

“It’s been hurting for years. Give me a couple of seconds to let it hurt a little less.” His voice broke, slicing me wide open. I couldn’t deny him; I never could. It was part of the reason I avoided him. I let him hold me. I wasn’t sure how long we were like this. His face was pressed into my hair. I could tell he was breathing me in, and God help me, but I was doing the same. I turned my head and pressed it against his chest. I could feel every beat of his heart, and it became too much. It was like he sensed that I’d given all I could give. He let me go, and I climbed into the SUV.

After a few minutes in the SUV, I asked, “Where are we going?” I was nervous, and I found myself fiddling with my left ring finger sans wedding ring.

His eyes gazed down at my hand, “No ring,” he said as an accusation instead of answering my question. I didn’t meet his eyes. I tucked my hands under my thighs, so I didn’t fidget, then looked out the window. It wasn’t long before I could tell we were headed to my place. He knew where I lived. Of course he did. He’s Linc.

Abby McCarthy kept me intrigued while reading, but couldn’t keep the tears from falling as I felt everything that Lola and Lincoln were feeling.-Blushing Babes Are Up All Night

These words will have you completely, beautifully broken and by the end have you completely, beautifully, put back together by the end.-Goodreads reviewer

This book sucked me in from the first few pages. It was AMAZING!-Nerdy Dirty and Flirty

Better grab a box of Kleenex. This book was absolutely 100% phenomenal!-Goodreads reviewer

I could not put this book down!!! Lincoln and Lola will grab your heart from the beginning and will not let it go.-Goodreads reviewer

Abby McCarthy words will hypnotize your mind, body and soul.-Goodreads reviewer

A few parts of the story had my eyes welling up and made me both sad and happy.-A Book Lover’s Emporium

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