Cut Wide Open, A Bleeding Scars MC releasing March 20th



**Designed by Hang Le**

One day you held my hand. One day you loved me.

Then you were gone.

At sixteen, I lost the only love I’d ever known. Thrown back into the foster system, pregnant and alone, I prayed that you’d come for me and save me from life’s cruelties. Only the next time I saw you, it was too late.

Doing what I needed to do to provide for my son, we were finally brought face to face. It should have been the best day of my life, but it was far from it. It was the worst.

That day a monster took me and held me captive.
I begged for my life. I prayed for my son. I dreamt of you, the memories keeping me alive.

You finally came for me. You were my heart. My Salvation.
But sometimes the heart is too damaged, too broken, to be saved.

And sometimes monsters have a way of coming back to haunt me.

*This is a dark story. It is intended for mature audiences. If you need a trigger warning then this book isn’t for you. I have other books of mine that I’d recommend like Current or Tainted by Crazy, but not this one.

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So what’s this cover down here?? What happened with Amazon? Well, you see, I had this lovely sexy cover ready to go and Amazon deemed it inappropriate. Amazon doesn’t even really tell you exactly what the problem is, but the side boob always worried me. Then Amazon threatens in not so nice words your ability to publish with them. I’m all like can you tell me exactly what it is, and they’re like no. I was hoping I could crop the boob, but I can’t risk being able to sell on Amazon. Meh, in my opinion, I have seen far worse than this little boob. Just check out this link on goodreads for some of Amazon’s sexiest covers. But this sexy little gem will have to go into the covers that never were. I loved it, but I think everything worked out the way it was supposed to because, this new cover with this HOT man, is exactly how I’d envision Gunner Reed. I will have a few Proofs with the cover below that I will be doing some fun giveaways with. So keep your eyes out!


Sneak Peak

My limbs were heavy and I was stumbling. The stage lights swirled in a dancing prism of colors. Dick grabbed me by the arm and threw me into the dressing room.

Nothing felt right.

And then I see you. You’re magnificent. I couldn’t have dreamed up a more beautiful version of you. You’re big and ominous. Dark blonde, shaggy hair falls over your hazel eyes. A leather vest sits on your shoulders that have gotten even wider. You have tattoos on your arms. The colors swirl. I want to run my fingers over them.

You’re kissing me. It’s different than any kiss we’ve shared. Hungry, but angry. My lips feel bruised from the punishing way your lips connect with mine. I want to ask you where you went and why you’re here, but that would stop this moment. This moment feels good. Then, your lips pull away from mine.

I’m stunned.

What was happening?

Everything was a blur.

What was happening to me? Why didn’t I feel right?

My pulse sped up. I could feel the thump, thump, thump in my head. My vision was spotty. You’re talking to me, but I don’t hear you. Something catches my eyes behind you. On the dressing table in front of my mirror is a vase filled with dark purple roses. I know these are not from you. Flowers were never your speed. I know who these are from because behind it is the picture of Gun and me. Even in my haze of confusion, I knew.

I was panicking inside. I wanted to scream and ask you to save me, but my lips are barely working. So, I say the one word that I hope will convey my fear, “Enrico.”


Special shout out for Emily Smith Kidman, who helped me rock this cover reveal even though the entire thing got all wompy at the last minute. Also, can we just admire Hang Le’s talent! That woman rocks and was as surprised, if not more than myself with Amazon denying this cover. So thank you, ladies!

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