What’s new in Mailchimp?

A new look and website, the release of postcards, updates for landing pages, plus more.


What’s new in Mailchimp

You might have noticed that a lot’s changed around here lately. Since our last update, we launched a new website with a brand redesign, not to mention new tools and features. We’ll hit the highlights from the last few months, including the release of postcards and tags, as well as updates to the mobile app and landing pages.

Say hi in real life with printed postcards

Postcards give you a tangible way to say hello to someone new, promote a sale, or thank someone for a purchase—with a note they can hang on the fridge. Don’t have mailing addresses? No problem. Our address finder tool will help find your contacts’ addresses for you. See what you can do with postcards

Send Snail Mail
Landing Page Custom Domain

Make your landing pages look even more pro with custom domains

Now for $99 a year, you can use your website’s domain to create unique subdomains. That way, your links will have a more professional look that matches your brand. How to create a custom domain for your landing page

Get The Add-On

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